Airport Chronicles: Part 1

Today is the day! Today is the day! Vacation has officially begun as I’m singing the theme song to the O.C in my head.

As I lay in bed half asleep at 5am, a minor hiccup occurred. I texted my friend the wrong home address to pick me up! Stupid autocorrect. Stupid technology. Stupid Siri. I mean really didn’t you know what I meant?! I type it all the time, c’mon

I get picked up and it’s smooth sailing from there. The line to check bags was moving, I was talking to a nice couple who was going to Florida for a wedding (yes, I get everyone’s life story), I made it to my terminal in plenty of time and didn’t feel the slightest bit anxious.

I feel like just a noob flying for the, well, second time, by myself now. I had no idea what I was missing out on not going Southwest! Yall, they have free wifi and free drinks and snacks. SOLD. Am I behind the times or did yall know you can watch tv on your tablet. Don’t fret, I’ll fill you in on the RHOBH while I’m 30,000 FEET IN THE AIR. Hollaaaaaa! And there’s a cute male flight attendant with piercing blue eyes. But he’s probably married right? With my luck he would be. Is it hot or not that he’s a flight attendant? We’ll have to check with OK! Magazine for that one.

I’ve always wondered if people really do run in airports to fight for their love. Here I go being a sappy romantic again..

I know one thing is for sure- people definitely run when they’re about to miss their flight and the plane definitely will wait for you if you’re close and everyone on the plane will definitely be annoyed they had to wait on your ass……..(not that I’ve had any experience in this). Anyway, maybe today isn’t my day to find love in an airport but I’m optimistic

That’s all I have for now…. Stay tuned to see if I get off at the right air port or lose a shoe while running to catch another plane…

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