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I’m the girl that my friends call to ask what they should eat tonight. Or the one to plan their date night. Or the one to know about the most underrated but absolutely delicious eats around town and I’m totally flattered! They put their date night plans in the palm of my hands and what better way to say “you’re a great friend” other than that?!
As I’ve accumulated restaurants in my bag of fun, I’ve come across some of my favorite places around Houston, Tx.
If you’re looking for a late night drunken meal, don’t go to Whataburger or Jack In The Box; Take a pit stop to Reigns Foodtruck in midtown in between Gaslamp and Little Woodrow’s. Order the Truffle Mac Burger if you’re really hungry or just want to be in heaven for 2 minutes . Yes, you will devour the burger in a blink of an eye. A new twist to the regular, boring burger is the Truffle Mac & Cheese topped with diced tomatoes and different kinds of cheese. It is SERIOUSLY the BEST thing I’ve ever eaten.

If burgers aren’t your thing or you’re wanting something a little less heavy, try the Truffle Fries! They are topped with goat cheese and secret sauces that are melt-in-your-mouth delicious!

They know me by name. That’s how much I go here and I’m not even the slightest bit ashamed.

If burgers and fries aren’t your thing and you’re looking for something with a little more southern comfort try Prospect Park ! I’m a big fan of Frito Pie and their’s is something else. Smothered in queso and chili, topped with pico de gallo and onions served in a huge bowl you would get a Genghis Grill or something. It definitely hit the spot.

My next Italian place blows Olive Garden out of the water. (I know it’s a chain restaurant anyway). Buon Appetito , located in the med center, is a great place for authentic Italian food. The prices are very reasonable, about $10-$12, and the portions are HUGE! I had eggplant parmigiana and I didn’t regret it.

To those of you that like food with a kick try Cajun Town Cafe. It is the definition of a hole in the wall but the food is to die for. I used to eat here at least once a week when I worked at a steel company across the street. They’re prices have gone up and is a little pricey for lunch but they’re motto is: “If the cheapest price is your only concern, then quality must not be that important to you.” Ooooo burn! But it’s totally true! I always get the blacked not salmon with the #3 garlic and crawfish sauce with veggies and I’m always pleased.

I hope some of these places help you to decide on your next meal. I’m a big foodie and definitely have more to come! But these will do for now. Leave comments if you’ve ever tried them or going to try and share some of your favorite places! I love to try out new spots 🙂


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