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I have been told many times, “Wow, your looks don’t match your personality.”


I’ve never thought of myself as a “pretty girl” but always get perceived as one. I automatically get the label that everything gets handed to me because I’m an only child or have guys bowing down at my feet. Ha! If only that were the case.


I went on a date last Friday and I wish I could tell you that we met organically but, we didn’t. I saw him on bumble which was mistake number 1. He picked me up and we had awkward conversation about money, religion and politics, all the topics you are not supposed to bring up on a first date or let alone ever -unless you’re seriously dating them. I should have ran the moment we parked because I’ve been on enough bad dates to recognize the signs, but instead I sat it out. By the end of the so-called date, I was two Moscow Mules in and he asked for the check. Not only did he ask for the check but he wanted to split it. I believe his exact words were,”We’re splitting this right?” My drunken response was rude, loud and honestly fed up at this point. I proceeded to embarrass him and paid for the whole tab. I realized I should have left but 1) I wanted to prove a point and 2) I didn’t think it would be fair to the bartender in case he didn’t pay. His reasoning? “I get guys to pay for me and take me out all the time.” UM, FALSE!


This was a clear example of being judged by looks and for honestly being a girl in  this day and age. Our dating culture is so screwed up and we make the next person pay for how the past one burned us. Maybe this guy went on a bad date or two and is bitter, but honestly judging by the conversation in the first five minutes, I’m gonna say he was an exception and doesn’t pick up in social cues.

Even the dudes you think are safe and you know are guaranteed to have a good time with have fallen into the trap of doucheyness.

I texted my friend, we’ll call him-Jake, telling him about my birthday plans. I told him that although I’m down for comfy New Balance tennis shoes and dad jeans, they were not allowed for this occasion. He’s a funny guy, and nerdy so the outfit suits him. He’s always crackin jokes and is one of those good people you go to when you’re having a bad day. I was jokingly telling him I would come over and dress him if he doesn’t cooperate and he said that I would dress him like a Ralph Lauren model. Pause. Ralph Lauren model types?


Didn’t you ever watch the TV show Beauty and the Geek? I saw an episode once where the beauties had to get guys to buy them one drink and the geeks had to get a phone number. The geeks thought that the challenge wasn’t fair because it’s easy for them to get free drinks. Wrong. Most of the beauties walked away sober with a bruised ego while some of the geeks got phone numbers.

Guys always think we get what we want because we are pretty so they feel like they can treat us like shit and walk all over us. Uh, ladies, that’s hardly the case. AMIRITE?! They aren’t slick with their side chicks. We know what’s up and especially if you meet a guy in a club it-can’t end well.

I met this guy last week on a random Monday night. My neighbor invited me to a club and said he had bottle service and Justin Bieber was performing. Naturally after hearing his new album, Purpose, I’m a belieber, so that was enough to convince me.

It was a BLAST. We danced the night away and had a great roomie night. There was this guy that I immediately noticed when he walked in. I’m not one to wait around for someone to talk to me so, after I finished my drink I do a casual run in and hook him. He’s 6’2 with light brown hair and fit. We get to chatting and the drinks are flowing. He asked me to go hiking the next day so naturally I was done playing cool and immediately said yes. We ended up hanging out all night and by 2am it was time to go home. When we were talking on the way home he asked me how long I had been single and I lied and said,”like a year and a half,” but really it’s been two, and he said same. I thought that was weird but I was drunk and only thinking about one thing. I think you can fill in the blanks so I will fast forward to the next day.

Hiking day! I was excited because I sprained my ankle on Halloween and am just now able to do things like hike and work out. We’re in the car on the way to Runyon when he “gets a phone call” and “has to take care of something.” I’m thinking to myself I knew this would happen so I didn’t get my hopes up. He said he would call me later and I didn’t think twice about him again. The next day I was telling my friend and she wanted to see a pic. We had taken one that night so I sent it and then we started our detective work. We creeped on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and found out the worst. When they say don’t go looking because you’ll find something, they’re right. He has a girlfriend. YEAH, A GIRLFRIEND. I’m an adulterous whore and being the douchebag he is, his relationship was hidden on all platforms and he blatantly lied to my face.

So not that I care about this scumbag but after I found out, it was eating me up all week. I couldn’t imagine if that were me and my boyf was in another state being a slore and lying to me when he came to visit. So, I did the extreme. I looked the girlfriend up on Facebook and I messaged her. Something nice of course-but I thought it was the right thing to do, contrary to the mixed signals I was getting from friends.

She still hasn’t read the message and now I hope she kind of doesn’t. I mean it isn’t my business but I felt it was girl code to say something because if that were me I’d want to know. Wouldn’t you?

Dating is hard, scary, and exhausting. Where’s the fast forward button?

Can we just all keep in mind I’ve only lived in LA for 3 weeks.

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