Nobody Likes You When You’re 23

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! (Well belated; it was Wednesday ).


[wpvideo UaglVzmL] Can I just say what a great year this has been?

I usually have the worst birthday luck and can’t remember the last good one I had. No wait I can, it was my 16th birthday. Nothing super special happened like getting a car as most barely legal teens tend to get, but my best friend and I got a limo and a few of our closest friends and went to dinner. We have celebrated our last six birthdays together from then on. This year was the first year we spent apart; I’m in LA and she’s back home in Houston. Actually, she’s in New York with her boyfriend and can i just say how jealous I am! That’s my dream vacation with a special boyf, but I digress.

I have been 23 for a full 24 hours and I don’t feel much different, but hey, I’m another year older and wiser.

I started off the day with my roomie singing a sweet serenade of birthday wishes, followed by: birthday prezzies on my door step, brunch (and got buzzed off one mimosa), but in my defense it was strong! Then, I took a nap and got ready for dinner at SUR. It seems like a pretty uneventful, low-key day and I guess you’re right, but it was drama-free and filled with my new LA friends. It was great!

The restaurant is owned by Lisa Vanderpump and has a reality show spin-off from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills called Vanderpump Rules. I went there this summer for drinks when the cast was filming and it was a completely different vibe. It was hectic and I got to watch how the show was filmed. It was cool but just know that even “reality” isn’t reality and everything on TV is scripted. Anyway, back to my birthday! The atmosphere was calm and the lighting was romantic and beautiful. We had a private room to ourselves, adjacent from the bar, and the table was filled with candles and white flowers. I had lobster and crab ravioli and can I jut say YOM! Oh my God, it was so good. Everyone really enjoyed their food and the atmosphere so if you are looking for a date night spot or happy hour, I definitely recommend SUR.

I’m very grateful to be living my dream in a new city. I feel so calm and content. Even though being 23 is nothing special, I feel empowered, confident, and focused to take on the year!


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