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Happy Fri-YAY! 

I now understand when people say happy Friday or that they can’t wait until the weekend, and I sympathize with them, because working a full time job is a lot like slowly dying in a pit of fire, or as some call it- hell.


Lately I’ve been trying to get into books..and well I don’t read, so more like audio-books. I read Girl On The Train which just so happens to be turning into a movie, out October 7th, and it was pretty good. The trailer makes it seem like Gone Girl a little bit but I didn’t necessarily get that vibe from the book? Unless I wasn’t paying enough attention which can very well be the case. So anyway, I’ve been “reading” and listening to podcasts lately because music is getting boring and repetitive and I feel like I need to change it up. The podcast I’ve listened to the most lately is the JTrain Podcast which basically, I feel like I bro-out with him twice a week. It’s good for girls to listen too because it gives you a good insight as to what goes on in a guys mind. It’s funny. It’s real. And makes for a good “insert-your-shitty-job/internship/college semester-here” to get you through your day.


My boyfriend has recently started a podcast as well. Because you know, music producers/musicians/creative people have to be CONSTANTLY creating. It’s addicting when you accomplish something; you want more and more and its on to the next business venture. It’s really great though! Well honestly I’m not surprised because he really is so talented and excels at everything….like literally EVERYTHING. Really…stop…. It’s called Hardly Joking and you can listen to it on iTUNES or SoundCloud. It’s great for people who are into music or comedy or honestly anything because he talks about everything! There is this bit where he interviews himself as his own co-host and it’s genius. Anywho, check it out because I’ve probably bored you with all my bragging and boring 9-6 job.



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