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For me, the best way to move on and rid yourself of negative energy is to create and start over. A few weeks ago I had an itch to build something. I’ve noticed this is something I do when I want to feel close to my dad or avoid my feelings so seeing that this was the weekend of father’s day, it makes sense. I’ll show you step by step instructions on how to build this cute rose gold and marble shelf!






I found this cute rose gold and marble book shelf on Pinterest and immediately went to the link to buy it. It was sold out and also I wasn’t too sure about the website to begin with. I really wanted it to complete my room so I figured a quick trip to Home Depot would get the job done.



I made my shelf out of wood because Home Depot didn’t have metal. Go figure.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 11.28.18 AM.png




-Legs: 1″ x 2″ x 6′ (4)

IMG_6657                                                                             -Shelves:  2′ x 1′ x 1″ (5)

                                                                             -Flathead Wood Screws:  #10 x 2″ (20)

-Drill Bit: 1/8″

                                                                             -Rust-oleum Spray Paint: Champagne Pink (5)


                                                                                                                           -Marble Adhesive

-Cutting blade

                                                                            -Tarp (optional)



step one

Once you’ve gathered the correct size wood you need from Home Depot, make your way to the back of the store where they will cut the correct dimensions for you.


Lay the tarp down in the garage so the floor doesn’t get sticky and filled with paint. Then proceed to spray the shelves and legs with the Rust-Oleum “Champagne Pink” spray paint. Leave one side of the shelving bare because you will be covering it with the marble adhesive. It took about 5 bottles because I wanted to make sure the coat wasn’t sheer. I added a second coat after 30 minutes, and then a third.

IMG_6681 IMG_6680











I definitely recommend having a friend help you. It will go a lot faster and   will be easier. If you don’t have one available, don’t worry! I made this bookshelf 100% on my own so it’s totally doable!

Take a pencil and make a small marker 1″ from the top on side of each leg. Spread it out to 1 foot apart. You should have 5 even hole markers on all 4 of the legs.

step four.jpg

Take your drill and 1/8″ drill bit and make a pilot hole where you’ve just marked with a pencil on the legs. This is where your friend will need to come in and help you to make the pilot holes for the shelving. Make sure that the shelves and legs are evenly spaced and then continue to drill through the leg into the shelf to make a small screw mark.



step five

Assemble! Drill in your #10 x 2″ flat head wood screws into the legs and continuing into the shelf.




step six.jpg

Add the other two legs to the other side of the shelf. Almost done!



Lay marble adhesive down. Measure a little more than the shelf so you have excess. I’m sure it might be easier if you applied the marble adhesive in the beginning after you’re done painting but it works just as well this way. Cut the measured adhesive block with a straight razor blade, peel off back, and have your friend grab one side. Place evenly on both side and pull tight. Press down and smooth with a credit card or something flat to get out the bubbles. Repeat for all 5 shelves.
IMG_6732FullSizeRender 2










Leave your comments/questions/concerns down below in the comments and I’ll answer back asap. Happy building! ♥






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  1. Anonymous
    July 7, 2017 / 1:32 am

    So cute! Great job 🙂

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