Skin Regimen Must-Haves

The biggest complement I have ever received is when someone tells me I have flawless skin. My heart skips a beat and they instantly move up a notch on my mental friend list. Totally kidding, but I do love when people notice. It’s the small victories that count.

I get asked frequently about products I use and how I prevent breakouts. I’ve never had acne and only washed my face with a bar of soap in high school. (Gross!)

I’m a normal human who gets a few blemishes here and there so I’m going to share with you my skin regimen and what I do when I do break out. (In no specific order).


skin must-haves


  1. I have been using the Murad Daily Cleansing Foam for about three years now and I can’t get away from it. I love this product! I use it every time I’m in the shower AND I don’t even have to take my makeup off before hand. I can use it directly on a full set of makeup and it washes away effortlessly. I have “normal” skin so the cleansing foam is perfect for my skin and leaves my face feeling smooth and tight.
  2.    These Aveeno makeup wipes are a Godsend. I used to use the Neutrogena wipes but they started to burn my eyes. I’m not sure if I grew intolerant to them but these Aveeno wipes are so soft and gentle and they smell good! I use them after the shower  for under my eyes.
  3. Okay. I think teeth are the most important part of your appearance, and also, the most underrated! I can’t tell you how many guys I meet and their grill is dingy. It’s the first thing people notice when you meet them and you should take pride in your smile! I personally love the CVS brand whitening strips because they are wax trays that grip onto your teeth instead of flimsy sheets that lay over them. They’re good for on the go and in between whitening treatments at the dentist. If you drink a lot of coffee like I do, remember that coffee stains and to definitely make those pearly whites shine!
  4. Ah, yes. Everyone needs a good mask. Magnetight mask by Dr. Brandt is my obsession at the moment. If you’re wondering if it has magnetic particles in it, you’ve guessed right! It’s SUPER cool and makes your face extremely soft. The mask comes in a travel size (.6oz) and a regular size (3oz). In the box you will find a spatula and a triangular magnet. Spread the product evenly on your face and leave on for 10 minutes. Take the magnet and wrap in a paper towel and wipe off. Viola! So easy and leaves your face feeling rejuvenated.
  5. The first rule of skincare is moisturize, moisturize , MOISTURIZE! It’s probably the most important part of your skin regimen if you don’t do anything else! Make sure it has SPF and apply to face, neck, and chest. You don’t want your face to look 25 and your chest 45. It’s a dead give away. Keep everything tight and young by using at least once a day.
  6. Under eye masks! These are a life saver after a long night of drinking, being tired, or just for upkeep. This specific one has caviar extract which helps to prevent cellular inflammation and stimulates collagen production to prevent wrinkles. I am prone to crows feet so I definitely stock up on this product!
  7. Last but not least, my favorite product that I can never live without again, Tea Tree Oil. I have found many uses for it but the one I use it the most for is to prevent breakouts. Yes, my friends. If I have/feel a blemish starting to appear, I douse a q-tip and dab the oil on my face. This is a more organic approach instead of using astringent or acne spot cream. I’ll put it on before bed and wake up with the blemish gone or severely reduced! (Depending how big the blemish was). You can get Tea Tree Oil from your local grocery store that has a health section, Whole foods, Trader Joe’s, etc.



I hope you guys check out these products! I’ll be posting more as time goes on. I definitely love to try new products so I will be sharing when I do. Comment below if you have tried any of these!




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