And Who Am I?



JK, I don’t know how to keep secrets so I’ll totally spill my guts. I’m gonna do a list of some (weird) facts about me to help y’all get to know me better! I think this could either be a great idea, or I’ll inherit a stalker, (Currently listening to Serial), so TBD.


  1. I’m an only child
  2. I buy multiples of everything
  3. Sometimes I’m awkward on purpose because I think it’s hilarious and I love to watch people squirm
  4. I have inside jokes with myself
  5. I get obsessed with things easily! Whether it’s a new culture I’m learning about, food, space, true crime, TV shows- really anything that interests me! I like to know absolutely everything I can about the subject and then move on
  6. I didn’t grow up with candles or pictures on the walls so you will see me go HAM on those around my house
  7. I grew up in the south, Houston, Tx to be exact, and definitely have manners and southern charm
  8. I’m an old soul
  9. I like change
  10. I like to complain
  11. When I’m nervous, I talk even more. (Can you even imagine?!)
  12. I’m an extreme optimist.
  13. I’m decisive
  14. I’m a psycho about my birthday (LIKE, I’M SORRY?! YOU’RE WELCOME FOR BEING BORN?!?!!??!)
  15. I fall in love easy (I just love it, okay?! It’s the best!)




You are unique. There’s no one in the world quite like you, so you should embrace it! What are some of your weird quirks?! Comment below 🙂


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