New Year, Same Me

As 2017 wraps up, I find myself writing the post I didn’t want to write; another End of Year post, but honestly I need to. I’ll keep it short and sweet so keep reading.

As I’m lurking in the shadows on the World Wide Web via social media into my peer’s lives, it seems everyone had a bad year. I don’t think that I had a bad year necessarily, but it was a year I’d like to forget. Don’t get me wrong- I had some great moments and went to some cool events with cool people but the year in total was an uneventful one. I felt stuck. Confused. Frustrated. And most of all BORED!

2017 was a teaching year. It happened because I needed to learn the signs of things/and people that are not good for me. It needed to be burned into my brain and I’m finally strong enough to recognize those signs and say, “NO. I don’t allow you/your behavior/this energy into my life.”

The more you give, the more people will take until you’re sucked dry and left defeated. That’s a perfect place to be. In your mess. In the middle of your lesson. It’s the perfect place to rebuild.

2018 will be my year of rebuilding. I’m going to travel more, deepen friendships, complain less, let go of negative/obsessive thoughts, meditate more, grow my relationship with God, read more, and sell houses all over the beautiful place I call home, Los Angeles. And even act a little!

I wouldn’t want to struggle anywhere else. It’s the city of angels- the city where dreams come true! And I’m so grateful for everything she’s taught me.


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