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I’ve never been one to have a New Year’s Resolution but it seems this year I’ve made one AND stuck to it! The only thing on my list was to travel more.

First thing to cross off was a quick trip to San Fransisco, or SF as the locals call it. Apparently if you say San Fran everyone immediately knows you’re a tourist. My b.

Unfortunately we didn’t drive up the coast; we took the i5. I’ve never seen SO MANY TREES! Tree farms galore! Like for hours! And weird trees like Japanese blossoms or something in the middle of no where. Can anyone tell me what that is about?! (I digress).


We booked the Hilton Hotel in the middle of Union Square and oddly enough, it was  Paris Hilton’s birthday. Haaaaaaaaaay! I was in awe with the city. Houston is a lot like Los Angeles in which both are not very walkable. I’ve never stayed in the heart of a city before and walked everywhere. It was awesome! On top of that, the architecture was breathtaking. Old victorian houses lined the streets while mom and pop shops were on every corner.




Essentially we booked the trip for a tour of Alcatraz Island!Some of you go to Disneyland, I go to prison🤷🏼‍♀️. I’m still in awe a week later. The island was so beautiful…in a

img_5397dark and twisty way. For those of you who don’t know what Alcatraz is, it’s a federal prison that housed some of the most notorious criminals during it’s 50 year reign. Infamous escapees Frank Morris, brothers John and Clarence Anglin (who were never found), and famous mobster Al Capone were some of the inmates. We took a quick 20 minuet-ish ferry ride to the island and the wind was BRUTAL! When we got off the boat I felt like I was in an episode of Black Mirror or something because hello, we’ve made a prison that weeps with sadness a national museum. Ha, crazy.

I suggest doing the audio tour. We got our head phones and began the tour at 12:30pm. You are on your own and can stay on the island for as long as you want! They have day tours and night tours. I bet the night tour would be so creepy….if you can handle it.




Pier 39 is tourist central after you go to Alcatraz but also worth it. If you are craving something sweet I recommend Doughp (pronounced dope) located on the second floor of the pier. It’s edible cookie dough in a cone! Like ice cream, except it doesn’t melt 😉

We only went to brunch one day and I am an Eggs Benedict QUEEEEEEN! So I had to go to the best place in town, MyMy Cafe, located in Nob Hill. They are famous for this dish right here: Lemon dill crab cake benedict. mmm mmm mmm!



quotes    At the start of this year, and maybe the end of last year even, I said if there’s one thing I’m gonna do in 2018 it’s going to be to travel. I didn’t know how I would financially afford it or if I would even be given the opportunity but I was SO sure in my words that they came to fruition. Words are very powerful. The universe is always listening. If you want something- say “ I WILL” instead of “I WANT.”

EVERYTHING I’ve asked for this year God has given me and in return I’ve only complained to him. As if his gifts aren’t enough for me….

I’m laughing at the promises I’ve made to myself that “coincidentally” I have been able to keep. I’m laughing at my “millennial problems” because they seem so small and bratty compared to what’s going on the in world. I’m not perfect. I’m messy and damaged, fall short on my promises, broken, and sometimes I let revenge get the best of me; but I AM A PRODUCT of Gods unconditional love. Despite all of my negative and bad qualities he still blesses me with the things my heart desires most: Travel. Friends. Love. Family. Stability. And so much more!

Life is meant to be LIVED, so please, I’m begging you to LIVE your life. Put all your faith in Him and we will figure out the rest together. Fill your cup with life experiences and fall in love unconditionally with all of the people and all of the places your feet have led you to.     quotes



Well that about wraps up my super fun trip to NorCal. I can’t wait to go back! Comment below where I should travel to next and also if you have recommendations for when I go back to SF!






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