Food For The Soul

Lately I’ve been thinking about why certain people come in and out of your life.

Is timing truly everything?

Is it fate or randomness?

What happens if you meet the one and you feel the cosmic connection but the timing is wrong? Does that mean it’s not meant to be? Are they not the one?


I’ve had his obsession lately about cosmic connections. You meet that person and worlds collide. It feels like time moves in slow motion. You’re magnetically drawn to each other like a moth to a flame. And in that moment you realize cloud 9 is a real place-not just something people talk about but a real place.


But then life resumes and you wake up from your dream. And you spend the rest of your life wondering if it was real or not. I think you can meet people for a shorter amount of time who have a greater impact on your life than ones you’ve know the longest.

I refuse to accept that those connections aren’t real or they’re made up or one-sided.

Your soul picks people before your brain and heart do…and your soul is never wrong. It sees the purest type of love. And that kind of love is few and far between. You’ll see only a flicker of light in the people you meet; but the time-stopping-world-colliding-core-shaking-type of love that defies logic, is hard to come by.


Do you ever meet someone and think, “I’m not sure about you, but I like your soul.”

It could be in friends, a love interest, a partner…

I feel like that is hope. It’s the universe’s way of telling you to keep going and you’re on the right path. Either you’re about to meet them or you’re trying to get back to them. It’s the hope that even when this life ends, a new one will begin. There are pieces of lost loves in certain people you meet and I feel that’s the universe’s way of calling you back to them- like some kind of telepathic energy you can’t feel or hear but only your soul can recognize. I’ve never been one to believe in multiple lives, and still not sold, but you can’t tell me that out of 200 billion galaxies this is it. You get one shot to get it right and if you miss it you live the rest of your life with a hole in your heart? Maybe it takes multiple lives to find your person. Maybe you weren’t ready. Maybe you met your soulmate at the wrong time or were preoccupied with someone else to notice. There’s something so precious about two lost souls floating through life trying to find a home in one another again. You can have many flickers of hope, but there’s only one Big Bang.



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