Out With The Old, In With The Bold

We’re a couple of weeks into spring and it’s that time of year to cleanse. Out with the old, in with the bold! Time to donate those old clothes you haven’t worn in years, clean those dust bunnies out from behind the tv and delete old f*ckboi’s from your phone!

I finally feel caught up and get really creative around this time of year. (Of course, I will start a ton of projects and never finish them, but I’m a work in progress and constantly trying to change for the better!) I always find it helpful to have a task list. Start little by little and sooner or later you’ll get the job done. That way it’s not overwhelming.

Here are some ways to help organize your life:


Clean Your Closet(s)

   My style is always evolving so the fashion I was into last year may not be in this year. (Or I’m not into it anymore.) Time to dump all of those old clothes and ratty t-shirts you’ve been holding on to since high school into a trash bag and donate!

  • H & M will give you 15% OFF of your purchase when you bring 3+ textile items into the store. This means: Towels, T-shirts, Jeans, Sheets, Blankets, Dresses, etc! (They do not accept  bathing suits or undergarments for sanitary purposes)
  • Sell your hand-me-downs on Poshmark! I just signed up and can’t wait to make some extra coin from my old clothes. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. You can sell ANYTHING on there. I have my eyes on a Louis Vuitton bag, but that’s here nor there 😉.
  • Other stores like Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads Trading, and American Recycled Clothing Co. are all great places to sell your gently used clothes in Los Angeles. Whatever they don’t take, drop off at your local Goodwill store.

To keep track of what you wear throughout the year, turn your hangers facing outward. When you wear something, put it back the correct way and by the end of the year you’ll easily see the clothes you wear often and ones you can toss.

I could spend all day at  The Container Store. I don’t like to clean but I like to organize and this place is the mecca for organization! Shoe hangers are universal, did you know?! I use them in my hall closet to hold cords, remotes, crafts, and miscellaneous things. It declutters your closet instantly and you have more room to store coats or other bulky items rather than things piling up.


Tackling The Kitchen

Throw out old spices and pantry items that have been sitting in your cabinet all year! You’ll prevent ants and other creatures you definitely wouldn’t want to accidentally swallow 🤢. Getchu a nice spice rack with levels so you can easily grab the correct ingredient.





Create an area that is easily attainable to find pots and pans with a matching lid!





Your kitchen cabinets could look like THIS!








OR THIS! Upper cabinets are neat and tidy without the fear of everything plummeting over when you open the door.








And finally, an emotional cleanse. Clean out old contacts in your phone of past f*uckboi’s. No need to keep them lingering in cyberspace while you’re waiting for them to reappear. You have the decision to cut ties and end things that are going no where. It’s not good for you. So, decide.


Take down photos of that old flame you’ve been staring at for the last three months. Constantly looking at “what could have been” is not doin the soul any good.

I know people say blood is thicker than water but that has never been my case. If you have family members who are only using you for finances or are emotionally hurtful, cut them off! They’re leeches. You’re better off without them.

“You are not your roots. You are a flower grown from them.”


I personally feel much more free when things are in order. I have more mental space to be creative rather than worrying about clutter consuming my everyday life.


Comment below what you’ll be spring cleaning this year!



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