“Apparently You Can Go Home Again…”

The only thing that’s constant is change; so you better buckle up and hold on tight because that’s the only way we will ever grow. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the years it’s that what feels right comes easy. It’s the stuff we try to hold onto that isn’t meant for us that makes life complicated.


I’ve made the exciting decision to move home to Houston! I always knew Los Angeles was temporary. I never wanted to raise a family here or stay here long term. It was a place for me to explore my inner most self and feels like the perfect time to take the plunge and go back home. I’m not too attached or too settled.

As I look back on the journey I started almost three years ago, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Every step I’ve taken has made me who I am. I am a more free, secure, confident, and a spiritually sound woman. I feel like I went on a sabbatical to find my own personal Mecca. I have a greater appreciation for my friends and hometown and am eager to explore my old city with fresh eyes.

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I know. You’re reading this with your jaw on the floor, thinking this is something you would’ve never heard me say. It’s true. I’m kind of shocked as well. I’m still wondering if this is really happening! (But it is! I move into my new apartment August 14th.)

If you’re contemplating the idea to move, DO IT. Move cities, states, even countries! I ship it so hard because those burning desires of your heart are trying to tell you something.

What ultimately made my decision is when I realized I stopped thriving. I didn’t move to one of the most expensive cities in the U.S to work at a restaurant and I realized everything I’m doing here, I can do back home. I miss my friends a lot and why not live somewhere cheaper. My career goals have changed. I still love to entertain people and write and laugh and perform but I’m really turned off by the industry. It’s different when your in it. I’ve been pursuing real estate and am excited to start my career! (Whenever that will be… 🙄 )

I’ve enjoyed everything the city of angels has to offer. I’ve met cool people, partied with celebs, taken weekend trips up the coast, and made unforgettable memories.


I’m excited for this next chapter!



The past few months I’ve taken my real estate test so. many. times. I keep failing by ONE point. Do you know how unbelievably frustrating that is? To have something at the tips of your fingers but can’t quite grasp it.



I don’t know the lesson here, but maybe I’m not supposed to know yet. It’s all His divine plan and I’m along for the ride. What I do know is I’m not giving up and maybe being around familiar territory will help me to better relax.

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For those of you interested in making the move to LA, I’ve compiled a list of lessons I’ve learned. Hopefully this will save you some time and recognize red flags!


•Hire a moving company (if you can afford it).

U-hauling all of your stuff cross country is a nightmare and the same price!

•People are fake

Everyone comes here for a goal. More often than not the goal is to not make friends. It’s pretty cut throat. I’ve had people say to me, “Sorry, I have enough friends” more than one time. As blunt as that is, I can’t be mad at them. I respect their honesty. Every person you meet will teach you a lesson and yes, there are still some good people out here so when you meet them, hold onto em! I’ve been lucky enough to find a few gems!

•Takes 3 years to settle

You will have a lot of friends and industry people come and go. You will have a lot of different networking opportunities; most will be a dead end but you should still try. It’s so true what they say about it taking 3 years to feel settled, 5 years to make moves and in 10 years you can call yourself a native.

•Stay true to yourself & values

There are a lot of yes people. I’m sure you can go out any night of the week and find exactly what your looking for. You can very easily get caught in the black hole of the city. It’s a slippery slope and if you’re not careful you’ll find yourself forgetting why you came to LA in the first place. Keep you eye on the prize. Guard your heart. Don’t be gullible. Keep God first.



“To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation”

                                                               -The Alchemist.





Thank you for all of the memories!

They hold a special place in my heart.








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