Tips On How To Make Big Decisions

I’ve gotten a lot of responses from people asking me in my last post about how I came to the decision to move home. Big decisions are hard-especially the ones that change your life in an instant. What happens when the decision isn’t so clear?


When you come to a fork in the road of the path life has lead you down once again, sometimes it’s not as simple as right or left. Sometimes you detour just to end up where you started from. It’s frustrating!


I’d like to think I’m good at decision making. I’m rational, understanding, and weigh all my options. I’m pretty relentless once I’ve made up my mind. If I don’t want to be with you, I won’t give you the time of day, if I want to move I will, and if the group needs help picking a restaurant, I’m your girl!


It’s a good quality to have to combat my crippling anxiety. (Thank God). Part of the fear of decision making is trying to not make the wrong choice that will send your once harmonious life, into utter chaos. When I feel anxious about something, I take a breath, follow these steps and ultimately pray about everything.





When I heard about these passion planners, I immediately had to check it out! It’s such a good way to break down your goals so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Do you have a five year plan that seems to get pushed back year after year? I do. Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out where to start. So just start! The calendar is broken down from year, month, week, day, and filled with inspirational quotes along the way to help you stay focused and achieve your goals.

coin flip


“Flip a coin. Not because the coin decides for you, but because when it’s in the air, you realize what you’re hoping for.” It’s true! You already have the answer within; you just have to have enough courage to trust yourself. You’re supposed to take risks once in your life (if not more!) Sometimes the thing you are searching for is right on the other side of fear.




I am all for spiritual healing and guidance. SIGN. ME. UP! I took a breathwork class about a month ago because my friend and fellow blogger, Andrea, raved about it! At first I was like, “This is weird. I’m anxious. My RLS is bothering me and I can’t relax!” And then all of a sudden, as I’m breathing, I finally begin to relax. I didn’t have significant consequences like others. Some people get bad hand cramps (don’t let that deter you!), feel an emotional release, or even bust out laughing! All in all it was a great experience and I recommend any class, book, or practice that helps you get centered to come to the right decision.


pro and con



This one is a no brainer. Most of the time I usually make a list in my head but it works best when you put pen to paper. Make two columns and start outweighing the good and bad of the battle you are waging. If the cons outweigh the pro, let it go!


venn diagram



Venn diagrams are similar to a pro and con list. Use this method if you are trying to compromise with a partner. If the “both” oval has the majority of answers then you guys are on the same page!





Above all, follow your gut! Meditation and self reflecting should help you listen to your intuition. Trust God and know that He has a plan. Which ever decision you ultimately choose will be your fate. What I mean is: Whatever’s  meant to happen, will happen and whoever is meant to be, will be. My point is that you can’t control everything. Sometimes the lesson is to just let go, trust, and fall. Fall into your fate and trust you’ve made the right decision. I would rather say I tried and failed then never have tried at all.




Also, to use my own self as an example: I don’t think I’m a failure because I’m moving home. I have accomplished a tremendous amount of self growth and did what I came to LA to do. I should be proud of that. If you’re faced with the challenge of a new city, a new job opportunity, or the unknown, I urge you to have faith in the uncertainty. You never know, it could be exactly what you’ve been asking for✨








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