Combatting Anxiety

You know you have a million things to do but you don’t know where to start so you start little projects without finishing them. You have deadlines and life changes and parties and events and it’s hard to manage it all! Sound familiar?


I gotta tell ya this move is stressful. I guess any move would be stressful whether you’re staying in the same neighborhood or moving states. You still have to wrap, box, and throw out unnecessary clutter.

As I look around my disaster of a room, I’m overwhelmed with where to start. I keep pacing from room to room (bathroom, closet, bedroom). It’s been days and still nothing feels finished. I have A LOT of stuff. I’m a hoarder okay?! There I said it. I’m a sentimental, emotional hoarder that needs to hang onto old cups and pens because someone special used it……….Honestly, that sounded creepy but I hope you know what I meant! On top of my big move, my life pretty much fell by the wayside last week. I won’t get into that now as I’m not ready to share, but hopefully I’ll feel strong enough one day when the dust is settled to fill you guys in.

No matter how much I have cleaned and weeded things out a couple times a year, I still have a lot of stuff. Why does one person have so much junk you ask? I wish I could be one of those traveling nomads who live in their car, wear clothes that fit into a backpack and live that minimalistic life- but I can’t. I mean I guess I could, right? But it’s not me. Also, I inherited everything when my dad passed away so the majority of everything I have was his. I keep thinking, “I’ll need this one day so I’ll keep it.” *Talking about a colander.* JUST BUY A NEW ONE WHEN YOU NEED IT?! I don’t get myself sometimes but I am who I am and I do what I do so don’t judge me.


In light of what happened in my personal life and with this move and everything, my anxiety has been through the roof. (What’s new🙄). I have been having crazy panic attacks, biting my fingers, not eating, nauseous 24/7, and my paranoia has been on level 1,000. I feel like someone is sitting on my chest and I can’t breathe. I also have an irrational fear of not being able to make it home. It’s just like, you come so close to having everything you want; it’s right in front of you but you can’t grab it.


When I’m feeling like this I have to remind myself that I’m letting my fear be bigger than my faith. God doesn’t give us more than we can handle! This is the process I go through to take back control and not let my anxiety get the best of me.

1. Recognize & Breathe

Recognize what it is that is taking control over you. Take a step back, relax and breathe. You will be okay. Petting animals helps me to calm down. Unfortunately my Service Animal is not very affectionate and is possibly THE WORST service animal in history but it’s okay because I love her anyway!

2. Ground Yourself

If you’re not familiar with the grounding trick, I’m happy to introduce it to you! Acknowledge 5 things around you, acknowledge 4 things you can see, etc. This tool helps you come back to reality and calms your body down when it’s in a tizzy. I’ve had some baaaad panic attacks…grounding myself really helps.

3. Out of my Control

It’s important to stay focused on what you can change and how to move forward instead of dwelling on things out of your control. They are going to happen regardless of what you do, I.E natural disasters, death, job opportunities, etc. It’s important to do your part and be prepared so you don’t feel like everything is slipping from your grasp.

4. Stay Positive

DO NOT let your mind go to a dark place. Keep grounding yourself until it sticks and you feel better. Align yourself with the positive energy of the Universe by meditating or praying. Talk to a friend about what’s going on or seek therapy. I’m a HUGE fan of therapy. Maybe it’s because my therapist is the bomb but I’m just really all about self growth and seeking the truth and do my part to achieve my goals.

5. Seek HIM

And lastly, which should technically be number one, seek Him. I’ve always believed in God, yes, but I haven’t always known Him. I think going through the motions can make you feel just as alone as not believing. I’ve been told that we’re supposed to talk to God like he’s one of us, our friend, our family member, our confidant. I probably look like a crazy person in my car because that’s where I talk to Him most. I feel the safest and most connected for whatever reason. I put on a good song or podcast and start letting my thoughts flow. I allow myself to be free.

Remind yourself that you are a work in progress. No one is perfect and we’re all battling some kind of demon so don’t be hard on yourself. Recognize the changes you need to make to propel yourself forward and do it. I’ll always lend a listening ear! I’m actually really good at advice so feel free to send me a DM or email!







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  1. August 20, 2018 / 1:11 pm

    Thank you for sharing, it was really helpful❤. You can do it!

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