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Anything for Selenas is probably the most famous line of the entire film. I had the pleasure of kicking off Rooftop Cinema Club’s 2019 season with a pre-screening of one of my favorite films, and Texas native, Selena. It’s near and dear to my heart as I remember watching it in my cousin’s tiny shared bedroom as a young girl.


I love when you ask bloggers how they get their events/packages/etc. and they say, “I don’t know they just reached out to me.” or ” I don’t know they just sent the package to me.” Like as if a package just magically showed up on your doorstep….no…that’s creepy, you reached out and gave out your address, don’t lie!

Anyway, I digress.

I was able to go to this private event because my partner, Mel, was kind enough (and busy) so she passed it to me!

I invited my new friend Myranda, who writes for a spiritual non-profit site: Delight & Be Blog (you should really check it out, it’s amazing!)


The Rooftop Cinema Club has five locations,  London (UK), New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Houston! I was never able to go to the LA location because it would be sold out months in advance. Houston is gaining momentum so you better get your tickets NOW!

This cinematic gem is located on the rooftop of BLVD Place in the Galleria and equipped with a full bar, food supplied by Good Dog, Bluetooth headphones, a blanket and the perfect view overlooking the city. Great for photo-ops or snuggling up next to your boo. Speaking of cuddling up- there are two different kind of seats you can choose from! You can get a single lounge seat, or upgrade to a love seat + bottomless popcorn all for $24/person.


*TIP: I would suggest bringing a small pillow for your head. Yes, the seats come with one, but if you’re short like me, you don’t reach. *sigh* And maybe something to put your feet on because I don’t touch the ground either, LOL!


*Tip: Get there at least 30 minutes early so you have time to take photos, get food & drinks and find your seat.


The Rooftop Cinema Club is an all weather event. Houston weather can be very unpredictable but they will supply you with ponchos if it starts to drizzle! They have a large disclaimer that’s easily seen when you buy the tickets with all of their terms and conditions.


If you’re a native Houstonian or a tourist passing by, I definitely recommend adding The Rooftop Cinema to your weekend/weekday plans! There’s a movie for every taste.


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